Permanent Hair Loss After Taking Taxotere?

Chemotherapy Drug Taxotere Linked To Alopecia

We represent women who are dealing with permanent hair loss as a direct result of the drug Taxotere. A chemotherapy drug used to treat breast cancer, Taxotere has been reported to lead to the permanent hair loss, known as alopecia, in countless women. After surviving a cancer diagnosis, it can be heartbreaking to suffer permanent hair loss because of a pharmaceutical company’s underhanded attempts to bury the public’s awareness of adverse side effects.


Our Taxotere attorneys want to fight for the women who were blindsided by Sanofi-Aventis’ deceptive tactics, and must now face life-long consequences as a result. If you or someone you know has permanent alopecia after using Taxotere, The Mulligan Law Firm may be able to help you hold the responsible parties accountable.


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Do I Have a Taxotere Lawsuit?

These lawsuits are claiming, among other things, that Sanofi:


  • Sold the drug before sufficiently testing it
  • Sold the drug without informing patients about the dangers and risks
  • Hid information about side effects of the drug from the public
  • Utilized misleading advertising
  • Did not determine that the drug was safe before selling it
  • Did not warn patients and doctors about the risks associated with the drug
  • Manufactured a dangerous medication
  • Downplayed the risks of the drug

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Every year, approximately 300,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. Nationwide, most doctors oversee treatment of their breast cancer patients using Taxotere (generic name “docetaxel”), a chemotherapy drug produced by the drug company Sanofi-Aventis. Taxotere is the most frequently prescribed medication in its drug class. Consequently, it is a highly profitable product for Sanofi, earning the company more than $3 billion in the year 2009 alone.


Unfortunately, the chemotherapy drug has been linked to permanent hair loss, or alopecia, in patients. Approximately 9% of breast cancer patients sustained prolonged hair loss. For many women, the emotional effects of alopecia are considerable and extensive. Some experience anxiety, depression, and distress as a result of their hair loss. If you or a loved one sustained hair loss after using Taxotere in breast cancer treatment, speak with our drug injury lawyer at The Mulligan Law Firm about your options.


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Permanent hair loss can decrease quality of life, social functioning, body image, sexuality, and more. Many consumers claim that Sanofi misled them by stating that their hair would grow back once treatment was through. Comparable drugs on the market may be less likely to cause alopecia.


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