Limb Amputation or Ketoacidosis After Using Invokana?

The most serious potential risks caused by Invokana are amputations, kidney damage and ketoacidosis. Clinical trials have found that patients taking Invokana are twice as likely to suffer a leg or foot amputation as those taking a placebo. Toe amputations and those in the middle of the foot are most common.

Invokana has already been prescribed to millions of Americans for the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. Heavily promoted in 2013 as a breakthrough drug for diabetes, doctors were prescribing it without fully understanding the risks and consequences of the drug.

What Is Invokana?

Invokana, also known as Canagliflozin, is a prescription drug used to treat type II diabetes. Invokana belongs to a group of diabetes medication known as SGLT2 inhibitors. Along with a healthy diet and exercise plan, SGLT2 inhibitors can be used to manage the symptoms of diabetes, such as glycemic blood sugars, and low blood sugar. Invokana works by managing blood sugar levels by helping the kidneys remove excess sugar. However, these SGLT2 inhibitors also raise blood acid levels, which increases your risk of a severe side effect including death.


Some side effects associated with the prescription drug Invokana include:


  • Kidney Disease & Failure
  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis
  • Stroke
  • Myocardial Infections
  • Heart Attacks

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FDA Warns Consumers About the Side Effects of Invokana

The United States Food & Drug Administration, also known as the FDA, issued a warning for the drug Invokana, stating potentially life-threatening side effects for Invokana, and other SGLT2 inhibitors.


Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Invokana, is currently being sued by numerous injured victims who claim the drug maker failed to warn consumers about the possible risks and side effects associated with the use of Invokana.


For example, the Invokana label states that the drug may possibly cause “kidney problems.” Critics state that this warning is insufficient, as it fails to fully describe the risks of kidney failure associated with use of the medication. Had Janssen Pharmaceuticals been more forthcoming and thorough in their representation of the drug’s side effects, doctors may have had the information they needed to recommend a safer, alternative course of treatment to their patients in treating Type II diabetes.

Do I Have An Invokana Claim?

Type II diabetes is a serious condition that can cause a host of serious health issues; however, there are treatment and management options available that do not severely jeopardize a patient’s health and safety the way Invokana can. If you or a loved one suffered a severe side effect by using a SGLT2 inhibitor such as Invokana, you deserve to have your voice heard. Our team at The Mulligan Law Firm can fight for the justice you deserve. We’re passionate about standing up to major pharmaceutical companies, and holding them accountable for consumer injuries. Let us put our experience and resources to work for you.

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